Welcome to LCA Books

Thank you for your visit. This website is no longer active.

However, we are very much in business and continue to provide the following services

1. Conduct Talks & Seminars for Businesses and Authors

2. Provide Consultancy for Businesses

3. Write Articles & Technical Manuals

4. Ghost Write for Non-fiction works – Autobiographies, Memoirs & Business Topics

5. Publish and Sell Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction

Please visit our new websites here:

Click > My Write Business Way


Click > Written Words Never Die

Our books are available on Amazon and in Singapore book stores – Kinokuniya, MPH, Select Books, etc. To buy direct from us – click on the links above.

Property Valuation Talk held in Kinokuniya Book Store, Orchard

Book Launch – CODE SHIELD – at Singapore Writers Festival

LCA Consultants Pte Ltd

(LCA Books, an imprint of LCA Consultants Pte Ltd)